MindBody Connect™

Online Interactive Energy Management System

Start living the life you deserve with MindBody Connect™ 

Have you struggled to lose weight? Do you have constant sugar cravings? Do you feel tired, depleted, unhappy? Does it feel like something is missing even though you have everything you need? Are you tired of caring for everyone else but yourself?


It’s time for permanent change.


Mark Laham has very carefully designed MindBody Connect – a 12 week Online Interactive Energy Management System to help you pinpoint what’s holding you back in order overcome purposeless live patterns and increase your health and vitality. 

After over 10 years of research and practice, invalueable advice and teachings from world reknowned Life Coaches & Motivational Speakers, Mark is ready to share his finding with the world by providing the knowledge, tools and support for anyone looking for a lifestyle change that can be maintained. 

Join Mark Laham and a group of like minded individuals, as he leads you through a step by step process of understanding the connection between our mind and body in order to regaining your power and achieve your biggest life goals!

Begin living with POWER, ENERGY & VITALITY today!

We’re looking for a group of dedicated people who are ready to make a serious effort to transform their life by discovering the powerful connection between the Mind & Body. Are you ready?

Mind Body Connect™ – Introducing the powerful connection between the Mind & Body

Health & Wellness

There is not one equation for long lasting health and wellness. We are all different and we need to consider what are the right tools and practices that make sense for us an individual. Mark covers Health & Wellness topics and provides essential tools and resources for discovering what your mind and body needs in order to feel your best.

Weight-loss & Fitness

There are many diet and lifestyle programs but very few people get long lasting effects.  Mind Body Connect explains why yo yo dieting does not work, points out key downfalls that get in people’s way and helps transform your relationship with your body in order to see lasting results.

Nutrition & Detox

A well-balanced diet is the key to avoiding many fatal and cronic illnesses. We will discuss proper nutrition, what our bodies need and what we should avoid. Healthy wholesome recipes and product recommendations will be provided to help get you started and continue you on your way to a clean eating Life style.

Holistic Healing

Getting to the root of your discomfort, and dealing with it rather than resisting it is the first step of recovering from emotional hurt and anguish. Pent up pain, going as far back as our childhood could be hindering the ability to allow you to move forward. We will teach you what you need to learn to forgive and let go.

Stress Management

Stress and challenge are an essential part of life.  Without the right kind of stresses we cannot grow, evolve and maintain our health and longevity.  The problem is how we respond and react to our stresses; which often causes them to become chronic and create all kinds of troubles physically, emotionally and otherwise.  Using the right tools to shift our perceptions we can begin to consciously deal with theses challenges and even begin to thrive as we challenge ourselves in the right ways.

Sleep & Meditation

Your sleep habits and the quality of sleep you get have huge effects on your energy levels, your mood, your body composition, hormone levels, your ability to heal, regenerate, your immune system and growth functions.  We will explore sleep & meditation and provide you tools to help you get a better nights sleep.


We take a new look at an old tradition. Focusing first on the true purpose of Yoga, beyond the Yoga Pant…you will learn how the practice of yoga can help you overcome obstacles of everyday life. We will also introduce beginner yoga poses and offer many yoga sequences for your at home practice.


There are many things in life that contribute to how we age beyond exercise and nutrition. A key factor in slowing down the aging process, that is often overlooked, is how we handle our emotions and how we respond to our environment.  By making shifts in the right places and adding the right practices into your routine you can active the natural mechanisms in your mindbody that will help encourage longevity and vitality.

Live with Purpose

Wouldn’t it be awesome to wake up every morning excited about your day? To live your purpose goes far beyond your career or any one specific goal set out.  To live your purpose is to live your essence, that potential that you came here to fulfill.  We all have a spark that is deep inside our core and unless you are connected to that spark then you are not truly living the life you came here to live.   When you connect to purpose and are living that essence you will stop depending on outside sources for your happiness, because you’ll have that fulfillment from within.


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