MindBodyEntrepreneur (.com) provides all the tools needed for successful business owners to overcome all the obstacles that stand in their way of growing their business and living their passion

Really Know Yourself

Really get to know what your mind and body need in order to feel your best and live happy.

Let Go Of Resistance

Learn what it really takes to let go of negativity in order to reach your greatest potential.

Live With Purpose

Achieve your greatest self and begin living a life of power instead of force.


No matter where you are in your personal growth path, we have programs, workshops, courses and resources to help you reach your greatest potential.




MindBody Connect™ is an Energy Management System, designed by MindBody Coach, Mark Laham.

Our 12 week interactive online program takes a look at what is distracting your attention and energy and how you can focus it on what is important to you in order to live a healthy life full of happiness, vitality and purpose.


Personal & Group Coaching Programs

By understanding the relationship between the mind and body we can overcome purposeless patterns and challenges to improve your life.

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Personal & Professional Growth Courses

Carefully designed, pre-recorded personal & professional development courses that are proven to transform lives.

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Group Empowerment Events & Retreats

Online and live events, webinars, presentations and retreats covering a wide range of health, wellness and lifestyle topics.

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Tools for Continued Practice

Powerful media tools and resources for focusing attention, managing stress, and balancing energy in our daily lives.

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Meet Mark Laham

Renowned Mind Body Coach For Successful Entrepreneurs, Motivational Speaker, Yoga Teacher, writer and Founder of MindBody Entrepreneur (.com)

For over 10 over years Mark has been running workshops, seminars and retreats to inspire people to let go of negativity in order to live healthy, happy and successful lives.  He now dedicates his efforts to supporting successful business owners in personal, professional and business development.

Mark’s events and resources are designed to improve your mindset, spirituality, physical and mental health, and empower you to reach your fullest potential. Mark has a passion for Entrepreneurship and has studied topics such as fitness, nutrition, meditation, anatomy and behaviour change management with some of the world’s most respected spiritual leaders and speakers.

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We’ve helped hundreds of people recognize what’s important, reduce stress and live happier & healthier lives!

We take great pride in what we do. Here are a few things our friends have to say:

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“Mark has a unique blend of knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for the changes yoga can enable for people, and an energetic presence that keeps me coming back for more. It’s great to see the consciousness of the world shifting one person at a time through his classes.”


– Valerie Clements
President – ExCo² – Executive Coaching: The Power of Two